August 07, 2009

Cleaning the Printer's Plate

This is an "oldie," but I wanted to include it on my blog. I love this shot, and only regret that I did not get all of his right hand in the shot.

July 31, 2009

Schmap Fort Worth Travel Guide

This was an exciting little tip of the hat in my direction recently -- I received an email a while back from the managing editor of Schmap Guides regarding a photo I'd posted on Flickr back when we traveled to Fort Worth to see the exhibit of early color photography at the Amon Carter Museum. Apparently it was short-listed for inclusion in their updated Fort Worth Guide and she wanted to know if they had my permission to include it in the guide. No compensation, of course, except my name by the photo and a link back to my Flickr site. Well, doh! Of course ... I mean, I was totally honored by the mere consideration.

Just got home to discover that - YEAH! - they selected my photo for inclusion in the information regarding the Amon Carter Museum. So here's the widget below - you may have to click on the arrows a couple of times, but you'll see my photo of the museum signage, announcing an exhibit called "The Art of the American Snapshot" ... and my NAME! Whoo hoo! I've included the actual photo below the widget, as well.

I guess the thrill is ... it's one thing for me to upload all my photos to Flickr and share them with you. It's a totally different thing to have someone else say "This is a good shot and we'd like to use it, if you don't mind."

The Art of the American Snapshot

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